Why do we hate ourselves?

The current election cycle has induced many people to become more politically active. However, this surge in political attentiveness has also brought a distasteful, contemporary attitude to the national forefront: We hate ourselves. I cannot get on Facebook, NPR, or major news outlets without reading nearly inarticulate posts and articles about how racists, patriarchal and evil we are in the United States. In fact, based on the descriptions of how evil and corrupt we are, it would appear we live in a  middle-east style authoritarian state. Well, I am exhausted from reading about how horrible we are have decided to rant about why its awesome to be an American.

Throughout the last century, world events coupled with American resources and values heavily favored our development. These events, resources, and values allowed us become the largest economy in the world with most powerful military. Our economic status has created hundreds of millions of jobs and opportunities across the globe. We have seen a rising standard of living in this country for nearly a century. Our Navy maintains the viability of shipping lanes across the ENTIRE WORLD! We military defended the entirety of western Europe from the Soviet Union for almost a half century.  The world has trusted our currency for so long, that we pay comparably lower prices for food, minerals, and goods produced all over the world. Our relationships with oil-rich countries has insured us  lower prices at the pump than nearly any major, industrialized, oil -importing country. Americans can travel to 174 countries without first obtaining a visa-nearly limitless freedom to travel around the world. People from all over the world flock to the U.S. for higher education, jobs, and various opportunities. In addition, we have an extensive network of community colleges, grants, loan programs, and scholarships for Americans to achieve their higher learning goals. With the exception of a few, no American has lived in a world where we were not the most powerful and economically prosperous nation on earth. Once we lose our place at the top, we might never be as prosperous as we are now or once were.

We have it so good in this country, yet we are unable to appreciate it. And despite some of our international short-comings, we have been an unbelievably positive force in the world. We are pretty awesome.


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