Moving To Taiwan

The last few weeks I was travelling through the fantastic country of Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa. From the beginning of my travel, I knew I was headed in the right direction. The first stop took me to Beijing, China. While there, I stopped off and got a temporary visa, then proceeded to run around the city on the subway system.

After playing around Beijing for a few hours, I embarked on my final destination, Taiwan. When I arrived in Taiwan, though exhausted and rigorously searching for my hostel, I knew it was the place I should be.

As I continued throughout my journey, there was a never ending feeling of energy, inspiration, and purpose. While walking around the streets, practicing my Mandarin with the local hostel staff, and playing around the train system, I felt invigorated.

Though I realize some of my rejuvenation was do to taking a vacation, the other part of me knows that is where I need to be, at least for a while.

My next move will be to buy another plane ticket to head back to Taiwan in January. Let’s see how this journey goes.

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