Get Enough Sleep

As I’m writing this I should be sleeping, so I’ll make it quick.

For the past couple of years, I regularly get around five to five and half hours of sleep a night. On the occasional night, I would manage about six, but it was never really enough.

I felt tired all day, and there was a lingering sense of anxiety, usually about the preparing for potential business issues. Also, I believe the lack of sleep contributed to my sports injuries in Taekwon-do, I wasn’t getting enough rest for the amount of training I was putting in. But after traveling for the past couple of weeks and getting a full 8-9 hours, my perspective on sleep changed.

I realized my mood and stamina were much better, as well as my clarity of thought. This has led me to push for 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Since I have been getting more sleep I have noticed an improvement in my mood and thinking.

If you think you need more sleep, you probably do, so do it!

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