Do You Believe In Aliens?

Every once in a while I think about the probability of intelligent alien life. I am a little uneasy about the prospect that we have been visited. The reason this topic currently occupies my mind is thanks Joe Rogan.

He recently had a guest on: Commander David Fravor, a retired Navy pilot who talked about his first hand encounter with a UFO. Commander Fravor also discussed his knowledge of additional Naval pilot encounters with UFO’s.

In addition to Commander Fravor, Joe Rogan had on Bob Lazar in June of this year. That was a fascinating episode, regardless of your stance on Bob Lazar, his story is very compelling. His story and Commander Fravor’s bring up possibilities that I am not completely comfortable with: that we could be visited by life vastly more advanced than humans.

The reason this troubles me is because, or at least it would seem, we have no military or technology recourse for these “visitors”. If intelligent life really is visiting Earth, and they are coming into our airspace with impunity, then I cannot imagine we could stop them if they are malevolent.

I can only hope that whatever Bob Lazer claims and what Commander Fraver have observed are human technology. Otherwise, we are totally powerless against whatever, or whoever is flying around our skies.

If you have not watched Joe Rogans interview with Commander Fraver, it is episode 1361, and Bob Lazar is episode 1315, these are must watch episodes for the highly curious.

What do you think about aliens and UFOs? Don’t be afraid to let me know!

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