Why I Support Donald Trump

I am a Trump voter.

Since I voted for President Trump, I must support everything he says and does, right? No, of course I do not agree with everything that comes out of the Trump administration. For example, I do not like the new tax law he put into effect. I also do not like his stance on the Federal Reserve: he believes the federal reserve should decrease interest rates, increase the money supply, while I would like to see higher interest rates for savers and people who are wise with their money. There are more issues, but enough with my justifications!

My biggest support for Trump comes from his attitude toward the fake news media, and foreign policy stances. It is great to see some one stand up to the fake new media. Now, many people would like to label me a “conspiracy theorist” for asserting this, but I don’t care. The bottom line is that all the major news outlets are releasing false, or misleading headlines on a regular basis. Do your research about how the U.S. got involved in Vietnam, or how about babies being thrown out of incubators during the first gulf war? Better yet! What happened to the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? In addition to major lies and fake headlines leading us into endless wars, ever since Trump was elected there have been endless fake “hate crimes” against minority groups. Every major headline-grabbing-hate-crime, supposedly motivated by “MAGA” have been hoaxed. Therefore, I love to see a President who finally calls out the news outlets for the bullshit lies they tell the American people. To better understand how toxic the major media is in stoking domestic hatred towards each other, you must watch Hoaxed by Mike Cernovich. He put together a fantastic documentary which demonstrates the extent of the bullshit the media peddles in this country.

The other reason I support Trump is his foreign policy. In particular, I like his stance on dealing with China. He is the only President in the last twenty years who recognizes the potential dangers of a powerful China, especially when we are intimately connected economically. Under the Trump administration, support for an independent Taiwan has also increased. His administration has restarted regular patrols through the Taiwan Strait, signaling support for the small democracy.

I must add, it is refreshing to see a President who calls out our allies for being weak. They talk smack about the U.S., and they simultaneously rely on the U.S. for strategic defense. Oh, I cannot forget! President Trump actively pushes back against foreign military intervention, this in spite of heavy internal and external pressure from the Military Establishment.

What do you think, do you support the President? Tell me why!

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