How To Get Rich: Advice from Naval Ravikant

” Fortunes require leverage. Business leverage comes from capital, people, and products with no marginal cost of replication (code and media).” – Naval Ravikant

I have been in the small business world ever since I was a kid. Obviously not running a small business, but my father has been a successful entrepreneur since I was child, so I grew up in the environment. In the last few years we also partnered together some with business ideas. While working together, I was always running side hustles, trying to see what ideas I could come up with on my own, independent of my father.

Since starting, I’ve taught English Online (still do), imported products from China to re-sell, made short audio stories for English learners, and have tried the Gary Vee inspired resale game. Throughout all of these ideas something has been lacking, such as vision and true soul-in-the-game (as Nassim Taleb would put it), and the disproportionate amount of time and money needed to pursue these other interests was not as lucrative as teaching online.

However, listening to one particular Joe Rogan podcast helped me refocus on my new project, hint: you’re reading it now. Joe had a guest on named Naval Ravikant, a serial entrepreneur with the mind of a philosopher, to talk about his ideas on becoming wealthy. During the interview Naval made a point which helped crystallize my ideas to make this website. He said in order to be wealthy you need to have a business that is scalable using capital, people, or technology (media or code). I let this advice sink in for a bit. I had grown up around a business which heavily relied on people to scale, and I saw how frustrating it was, so I left that one alone. I don’t know how to code, or what machines(capital) I could use, thus I was left with media. Therefore I knew I should pursue a course reliant on media to scale. Now, exactly what business or product I could sell, I was not quite sure. But, I had been making a podcast, and always wanted to write and be active on social media, so I decided to create a more holistic online presence and see what value I could bring others.

Joe Rogans podcast with Naval has encouraged me to do daily live streams( almost daily), write articles, and record podcasts nearly five days a week. Although I am in the beginning stages of this new project, Navals advice seems effective, and I believe more people would benefit from his insights. Check out Naval on Joe Rogans podcast number 1309 here –> … Enjoy!

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