Jesus Is King

Kanye West just released his hotly anticipated album Jesus Is King, and it is making quite an impact.

Jesus Is King holds true to his description of it as a gospel album. After listening to it, I recall only one song that connects to the hip-hop beats most people would be used to – “Follow God”, and its pretty fire.

Kanye West has been a cultural force for as long as I can remember, but I believe will be even more impactful now, because he is moving against conventional “wisdom” in yuuuge ways.

Kanye is telling people that it is okay to love God, follow Jesus’s teachings, and be a good person. He has been publicly calling out the democrats for doing nothing for black people, and has spoken out against popular aspects of hip-hop like glorifying violence and crime. He is truly distinguishing himself as an independent thinker and creator, and I believe his independence, creativity, and bravery are propelling him into being one the most important cultural influences in our time.

Pushing back against the increasingly deranged yet popular aspects of our culture such as political correctness and group-think, at great risk to his brand – demonstrating true skin in the game – the stuff heroes are made of.

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