Thanksgiving 2019

Its Thanksgiving 2019, what are you thankful for? Despite the seemingly degenerate state of American society, I am quite thankful.

I am thankful that I live in a country with as much freedom as America offers.

I am thankful that I have a family, though somewhat disfunctional.

I am thankful I have some great friends that I can count on.

I am thankful my two of my grandparents are still alive, and that I get to spend time with them.

I am thankful my parents are still alive.

I am thankful my siblings are alive and healthy.

I am thankful for my health.

I am thankful that I have a future.

I am thankful for all those who came before me that brought allowed me to exist.

I am thankful.

Civil War 2.0

I don’t like to be pessimistic about the future. But I do have a feeling we are heading towards some type of re-vamped civil war. I see an increasing inability for people to have constructive dialogue, and many Americans have irreconcilable perspectives on what is happening and what should be done within the country.

In high-school and college I was on the speech and debate team. At that time people routinely discussed sensitive issues, such as: abortion, equal rights, war, taxes, immigration, etc… The discussions would get heated but we all understood each others viewpoints, or could grasp each others basic assumptions. However, in the current political and cultural climate, I believe much of those conversations would not go well. With terms such as patriarchy and white-male privilege being used to end shut down discussions, I am finding people increasingly unable to understand their opponents basic assumptions.

The Left is the biggest problem with our cultural environment, they control most of the cultural establishments, and their politically correct language pervades most of society. People don’t feel the need to debate ideas like white-male patriarchy, or telling kids they can be any gender. As a society we have accepted the political and cultural framing from the Left, and it has been so effective that those who believe in leftist ideology cannot even imagine someone on the other side of their talking points – a sign we’ve gone too far.

Many democrats and leftist sincerely believe America is one of the most racist, sexist, and homophobic countries on Earth. It is impossible to have a policy discussion with someone who believes your opinions are invalid because of your race and sex – it is not possible. I repeat: It is impossible to have a discussion with someone who believes your opinions are invalid because of your race and sex. For example, if I want to lower taxes, but my neighbor wants taxes to be raised, I cannot have a discussion with my neighbor about taxes if he views my opinion as inherently worthless racist because of my skin color. Simply, we will not talk, because talking means acknowledging we have something in common from which we can have a conversation.

Interestingly, another phenomenon which is driving America to another civil war is that Americans are watching “Two movies on one screen” as Scott Adams would say. This has created a situation where many people cannot agree on the same facts. Democrats and Republicans are getting contradictory facts, especially Democrats because the fake news establishment is so vast and powerful. Therefore if people from different parties could have a could get past race, sex, and sexual orientation to have a discussion, they wouldn’t even agree on the same facts.

I believe the result of our inability to converse and agree on basic facts will lead to conflict, and this conflict will be started by the Left. Democrats are already trying to get President Trump kicked out of office non-stop. If Trump wins a second term, I believe the United States will see nationwide violence and protests like we have not seen before, because the Left actually believes Donald Trump is Hitler. If regular Americans voted for “Literally Hitler” then is suffices that all Trump supporters are Nazis and can be physically assaulted for their opinions and votes. I believe whatever civil conflict we have in our future will be overcome, but I believe the United States will not look the same.

I sincerely hope this does not happen, but we march on.

Cut Off Your Nuts For The Trees!

The other day I read an article at about man who cut off his nut-sack to “save the environment”. Okay, so he did not cut off his nuts, but he got a vasectomy because he believes it will protect against global warming… I guess.

The reason this unfortunate lad went through with the procedure because he has been brain-washed to believe that there too many people in the world, and we need to decrease the population.

It is actually somewhat funny, because about ten years ago conspiracy theorists were talking about plans for depopulating the earth. At that time it was considered fringe thinking: that some group of elites, or any mainstream group for that matter, is seriously arguing for population control. Well we are certainly talking about it now. In fact, the whole environmental movement seems predicated on the idea that humans are a blight on the world and we need extricate ourselves from it in order to save our Mother Earth.

On that last point, I don’t quite get it. What is the point of protecting the Earth for other animals if it does not benefit humans? The only reason I can get behind the idea of limiting pollution, and protecting wildlife is because these systems are essential for humans to live. Since we do not understand how all of Earths natural systems could effect humanity, we would be wise to be careful with pollution. However, I differ with the crazy apocalyptic eco-terrorists in at least one respects (and I’m sure many more): I believe we can use technology to get ourselves out of the environmental mess. I believe in the power of human ingenuity, therefore I have faith that we can figure out new ways to live and create energy mean, so we all don’t have to chop off our nuts and forsake having children.

The guy advocating vasectomy’s probably didn’t want to have kids anyway, so he he engaged in a sufficient amount of mental gymnastics to justify his decision. Let’s face it: getting a vasectomy to save the planet is either is way to cover up a desire not have kids, or because you are legitimately an idiot.

As for me, I will protect my ability to have kids and procreate because I am not a lemming, and believe in the power of people to innovate.

Turn Down The Political Volume

Politics really does cloud the mind. I realized last year, even with limited direct knowledge of political dealings in the united states, just listening to political was too much. I would get angry and stressed about things outside of my control, I could feel my blood pressure alter. Then I decided to do something about it. Last year I began drastically limiting my interaction with political media, outside of catching headlines and brief commentary from Twitter.

I stopped listening to the political shows, because it dragged me into a negative mental space, but also a non-thinking space. I realized when I was listening to political shows like Ben Shapiro or Scott Adams I was often substituting their thoughts for my own. I was reducing my understanding of the cultural and political landscape to competing opinions of other people.

When I realized that my mind was being hijacked, I began exclusively listening to podcasts that were comedy based and non-political. This helped decrease my stress levels substantially. Then I heard a podcast this year with Naval Ravikant where he discussed how politics negatively effects a persons ability to think, and I completely agreed with this assessment. Therefore, I have been doing my best to avoid listening to political commentary.

In order to stay informed I continue to read the Twitter headlines, and do follow certain stories. However the biggest difference is that I don’t deeply absorb this information through passive and active listening on a daily basis. I have also been listening to many books that changed and helped mold my perspective. These have aided my own analysis of political and cultural events without merely borrowing other peoples thoughts and opinions. So far stepping back from excessive political news and commentary has been a blessing, I look forward to seeing more positive physiological results.

Chick-Fil-A And The Culture Wars

Chick-Fil-A is the latest victim of the ever escalating culture war in the United States. If you are not familiar with the culture war, it is predominantly between radical left-wing Marxists who want to tear down all existing societal institutions versus regular people who are trying to live their lives. Chick-Fil-A recently announced they will stop supporting charities that are “anti-LGBTQ”, such as the Salvation Army, and The Fellowship Of Christian Athletes. While it completely within Chick-Fil-As right to do so, the problem is why they did it: to appease the left-wing outrage mob.

Over the last several years Chick-Fil-A has been hit with protests at new and existing locations for taking certain stances on gay marriage, and being affiliated with faith based organizations. However until yesterday, the famously delicious chicken sandwich shop had resisted left-wing attempts to force them to change. This latest casualty in the culture war demonstrates how powerful the left is. This also represents an inflection point in the culture war, as the radical left knows they can get what they want, even out of the most staunchly religious companies. From here I expect the left to become more emboldened and engage in more aggressive tactics, this will force non-leftist into unintentional confrontations with these rabid left-wing lunatics.

I will continue to show support for Chick-Fil-A, but it seems like the damage is done. This looks like a major victory for the Post-modern Marxists, and conservatives need to fight back. As non-leftists, we must be more vocal in proclaiming what we want, whether it be in the virtual world or physical, we cannot let these radical left-wing scum win.

The Groypers And Immigration

There is an interesting rift developing on the right side of the political spectrum. Over the past few weeks a group of young people calling themselves “Groypers” have been attending Turning Point USA (TPUSA) events, and attempting to control the Q&A portions of the events to talk about immigration and American domestic priorities.

The Groyper movement has been led by a young conservative named Nick J. Fuentes who is being called a far-right, white supremacist, though I have not seen evidence of that myself. He is heavily against illegal immigration and mass legal immigration. I believe his stance on mass legal immigration, and his desire to prioritize America over foreign nations has pushed open a schism on the right side of the spectrum.

Many people on the right have been open to legal immigration while being against illegal immigration. However, many people are concerned with the already large number of both legal and illegal immigrants in the country. Just a few days a go, a report was released that showed there are roughly 30 million illegal immigrants in the United States. That number alone is staggering and should cause anyone to pause and think about immigration. Additionally, allowing in large amounts of legal immigrants at this time further puts downward pressure on wages of native born Americans, regardless of ethnic and racial background.

This is one of main points of the Groyper movement, from what I can gather. This movement is against mass immigration in general because it puts native born Americans in a worse economic condition. However, when the Groypers have been pressing organizations such as TPUSA about these concerns, they are being labeled as “alt-right”, and “white supremacist”. Because these derogatory labels are being used by conservatives against other conservatives, many people on the right are rightfully upset that questions about mass immigration earn you the label of “alt-right”.

As the election of 2020 continues to heat up, I believe the immigration questions will become ever more pressing. Politicians and leaders will need to address H1-B Visas and others, as well as illegal immigration. I expect the republican in-fighting to get more intense as the immigration argument resurfaces.

A Different Way To View Global Warming

Lately I have been thinking about how we approach the questions surrounding climate change. I have heard about the end of world from left-wing, eco-terrorist, environmentalist types since I was in elementary school. However, the predictions of imminent world catastrophe brought about by human-caused global warming have failed to materialize. The studies that show the Earth is going through a warming trend have counters that show the Earths temperature is not out of a normal range. Furthermore, the studies and models that try to link CO2 emissions to a temperature increase appear extremely weak, because the Earths climate has too many variables to accurately model and isolate cause and effect. Therefore the fight about global warming and what to do about it largely goes nowhere. However, if we look at global warming through perspective proposed by Nassim Taleb, we might be able to come to concrete answers on what we can do. The perspective to view global warming from is called the precautionary principle.

Here is the definition of the principle :

“The precautionary principle states that if an action or policy has a suspected risk of severe harm to the public domain, the action should not be taken in the absence of scientific near-certainty about its safety. Under these conditions, the burden of proof about absence of harm falls on those proposing an action, not opposing. ” – The Precautionary Principle (with Application to the Genetic Modification of Organisms)

I should note, that Taleb recently posted about climate change in relation to the precautionary principle, this helped me put all of this into context. Essentially, when looking at global warming or human caused climate change, we need not overly rely on bad models, or models at all. Simply, since we already know that emitting too much pollution into an area is a bad thing, we need to apply this thinking on a global basis, and look at the possible systemic dangers. When it comes to emitting harmful pollutants into the air which can effect people around the planet, we should have a near scientific certainty that these pollutants will not cause damage, because if damage does occur it could effect populations on a global scale, and we might not be able to contain the damage once it starts. This way of thinking has pushed me to examine my beliefs on what we should do about global warming.

While we may not be causing a world-wide environmental crisis, the possible effects of one occurring are high enough that we should proceed as cautiously as possible when emitting pollutants. Applying the precautionary principle to all policies that can cause public harm, I believe we should not leave the solutions up to the national government or world governments, because if the government gets it wrong, millions of people could suffer or die as a result. Instead, somehow we need to look at solving the emissions problem on a local level, so that no one policy or idea is capable of wrecking national or world economies. Currently, I don’t have any ideas as to what should actually be done in the United States, especially since we have been doing lots of work on cleaning up our pollution issues. However, one possible solution is to not allow government subsidies to go companies or countries that emit large amounts of pollution. National governments that incentive pollution are effectively pushing pollution from a local issue in a national or global one. While my understanding of this is rough and new, I am optimistic we can find actionable goals to achieve through this framework.

Sheeping Millennials

There is nothing really wrong with millennials, it seems we’ve just lost our way within the system. Actually, the real problem is the system, right? It doesn’t work for us the way it used to. Or maybe the system is broken, and we are too.

Being a millennial myself, I am aware of the plight facing many within my generation. We are bogged down with student loan debt, we are investing ridiculous amounts of time into education, only to find the job market is not as rosy or guaranteed as many hoped.

Millennials are also disillusioned with consumer culture. Many of us have the basics like shelter, food, water, and internet, but are not interested in working 50 hour weeks for more stuff. However, there is no consensus on where to go – and this is a big problem.

One problem within my generation is that we are acting like a herd(thank you Nietzsche). Too many of us are trying follow the pre-grooved paths by society about how we can be “successful”, and we are looking for people to lead us into the new economy.

The herd mentality is very strong within my generation, and I believe this is why socialism is also becoming more popular. When people have a hard time getting ahead, they would rather not see the ones are living up their ideas of success.

Interestingly, Peter Thiel talked about this group-think problem as well, but in different terms. He has also emphasized the need for people to think for themselves, and writes about how difficult, yet imperative it is, if we are going to continue advancing technologically. I agree with this sentiment, especially now. With so many young people struggling to find meaningful and substantial work, we need to shed the chains of group-think and begin truly pursuing our best work.

I am not exactly sure what someones best work is, but I believe most people know what they can and should be doing. Instead of letting the spirit of creativity die while making ends meet, we need to use our energies to create the world we want to live in. To clarify, I do not meet go out and destroy the system, but we should make the best of ourselves. Unfortunately, many people are not ready or willing to accept their reality, and we must accept our reality before we can work to change it.

No Nut November

There is a phenomenon taking the internet world by storm, and it called than no nut November. What is No Nut November(NNN)? Well, that is a good question. It is a special time of the year when men (mostly) are trying to abstain from masturbation and sometimes even sex for the whole month of November. The rules around NNN can vary from group to group, but the main idea is clear: get your sexual impulses under control.

As funny as this month long movement is, it also represents a harsh reality – too many men are watching too much porn, and many are not spending enough time trying to create actual relationships, but are instead replacing those relationships with masturbation. This month-long activity (or non-activity) is a way for groups of men to push each other get away from potentially toxic habits, and be more active in the world.

With less time being spent locked inside their rooms watching porn, more young men can spend time meeting real people. Additionally, it gives young men an opportunity to explore their more constructive and creative sides. When you have the goal of abstinence, it can push you to move that energy in a more productive way, this is highly desirable for everyone.

Now, there are some mainstream media outlets that try and make this movement about “alt-right” politics, but that is just utter non-sense. More people in this time should work to discipline their sexual impulses, because it seems we have almost no control nowadays. So to all the men and women participating in No-nut November, I salute you!

Rulers Of America

Let’s talk about rulers. Yes, the rulers of the American people. I am referring to all of those privileged politicians who dictate rules to the rest of us without any skin in the game, the deep-state(yes it exists), bureaucrats who write regulations to destroy business and prosperity, and those rich mother f*ckers who can break the law with impunity.

Firstly, I will acknowledge that United States is probably the most free nation in the world. I am thankful for the freedom I have to write this post, protect myself, and so on. However, we should all remember that based on events surrounding Jeffrey Epstein, who was involved in a pedophile ring, and others like Hilary Clinton – whom former FBI director Comey admitted that broke the law, we live in a fundamentally unequal justice system where those at the top do not pay the price for their crimes – these are our rulers.

The people who run crime rings but cannot be stopped, these people have the power to coerce law makers, bureaucrats, and others to do their bidding. We should always remember what happened to Jeffrey Epstein. He was a criminal who was likely killed by very powerful people because of what he knew, and neither him nor the others involved will get the justice they truly deserve. Meanwhile, if you don’t pay your traffic tickets, the police will put out a warrant and arrest you, and this is justice in America. This is why we must never surrender our rights to freedom of speech, and the right to bare arms in self-defense against tyranny. The people that worked with Jeffrey Epstein want you to desperately give up your right to speak and defend yourself, then they can impose complete control over you – so do not let them.

We should take this as a lesson to move back towards local self government. Decentralize power, take it away from the powerful bureaucrats in Washington and let us run our lives and defend ourselves.