A Vision For The Future

Going through Peter Thiels book Zero To One has really made me think about my vision for the future. Since he believes too many of us are living in an age of indefinite optimism, I decided to try and think what future I want for the United States, and it became almost immediately evident. I want people to be as free as possible to create the future.

I don’t have any big tech ideas myself, like taking a rocket to Mars, building hyper-loop transportation systems, or creating a block-chain to help automate technology. However, the future I would like to see is at-least in part related to decentralization.

As someone who wants the utmost autonomy for people to make their own decisions and decide their futures, I believe the best way for society to innovate into out future is to decentralize power. My vision of the future is the freedom to create the future.

While I think we live in a great age of technological innovation on the internet, people are still being lead by massive corporations and educational institutions, being told what to think and how to live our lives. This can take the form of pushing people into salaried jobs, becoming professors, data analysts, and of course consumers. There is nothing wrong with people wanting to pursue these aims, but I think if people truly saw a world of possibility there would be less inclination to merely follow a pre-grooved paths to financial “success” and there would be more initiative to create the future they want.

To borrow from Peter Thiel and Nassim Taleb, most of our phsyical technological innovations seem to be from earlier times, before the institutionalization of knowledge through large corporations and public schooling. Maybe do to less of a mono-cultural fixation on consumerism, and a focus on creating and achieving a better life overall.

Of course I am not stating that the middle ages were time of great technological progress, but that the innovations we saw during the enlightenment, and early industrial era have completely transformed our physical infrastructure. However, outside of digital technology, our physical infrastructure has not changed nearly as much over the last 50 years. Over the last 50 years we have also seen large amounts of centralization, the government has become more centralized, we have the emergence of a large corporations that totally dominate our economic landscapes, and as these entities centralize control and use their power to pursuade consitutants and consumers, we have become passive recievers of entertainment, “knowledge”, and our ideas our being sculpted by people who have a vested interest in us not thinking outside of the existing cultural narrative. I believe decrentraliztion is the first step we must take to reclaiming technological innovation.

With the decentralization of money and technology, people could be more free to express new ideas. With decentralization there will be less gate keepers, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc… With less central control their is also a greater possibility for people to monetize their own ideas and data through the block-chain.

In addition to allowing more creativity, imagine a future where a central government couldn’t destroy the currency and therefore economy of a country through irresponsible monetary practices. This is the future I want! A future where people are free save money for future investment, invest in ideas, create without “demonetization” because those ideas are not in-line with the government or a large corporate agenda.

I believe when people are free to create their own destiny, we will see more innovation then we have ever seen, this is my vision.

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