Old Institutions And The New Way

Lets talk about institutions. I know it sounds sexy, right? Specifically, I believe we are in the middle of a large shift in society. Of course things have always shifted and changed, but I believe we are in the midst of an abrupt move as opposed to the incremental change we have been used for the last 30- 40 years.

Today our society seems ill, the trust in our institutions is failing. Our educational institutions were sold to us as trustworthy havens for knowledge, now they are looked at as scams: a place where you go into debt and learn nothing of value, except how to overthrow the economic system that brought you the opportunity to go to college. In Finance the banks we trust to handle our money are responsible for the moral hazards and over-leveraging that brought us the financial crisis. Our national government “reinforced” our faith in the system by using tax-payer money to bail out the banks, and none of those responsible for making the system fragile felt any consequences. The Federal Reserve is in the process of destroying the currency we depend on to transact all of our daily business. Not to mention, in my lifetime divorce and family break-ups have created a generation of people who don’t know if it is even possible to stay married and have a stable family.

So it seems we are in a crises of trust – trust in our institutions and foundational beliefs.

I believe the breakdown of trust in our institutions will be difficult to recover from, but it also means this is the time to forge a new path. We are already seeing visions of the future attempt to move society. Visions from eco-terrorist movements – I mean the “climate change” crowd, want a future where we go backwards in technology, and living standards. We are also dealing with a future proposed by retard-socialists. These retards believe society can only progress by destroying what little freedom and property people have left and allowing it to be taken by the state for “re-distribution”, aka making bureaucrats rich. But these two visions of the future will bring nothing but misery to the people unlucky enough to be consumed by them.

I believe we need a new age of exploration and tinkering. With the current breakdown in our institutions this is the perfect time to redefine our future and freedom. I believe we need to move away from the trust of large entities like the governments, public schools, and corporations, and begin trusting ourselves. Why should we trust the state to provide education? – maybe we shouldn’t, why should trust large corporations to pay us? – maybe we shouldn’t, why should we trust large media company’s to tell us the truth? – we shouldn’t.

Instead of trusting our current and failing institutions, we should be pushing ourselves and friends to find the truth without big corrupt companies. Lets start designing new products in our garages, and exploring nature and its potential without government funding. We are powerful individuals, we do not need guidance from bureaucrats in Washington. We do not need guidance from a distant CEO, or from a half-wit college professor.

This is the age of restructuring and rebirth. We must go and explore.

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