Rulers Of America

Let’s talk about rulers. Yes, the rulers of the American people. I am referring to all of those privileged politicians who dictate rules to the rest of us without any skin in the game, the deep-state(yes it exists), bureaucrats who write regulations to destroy business and prosperity, and those rich mother f*ckers who can break the law with impunity.

Firstly, I will acknowledge that United States is probably the most free nation in the world. I am thankful for the freedom I have to write this post, protect myself, and so on. However, we should all remember that based on events surrounding Jeffrey Epstein, who was involved in a pedophile ring, and others like Hilary Clinton – whom former FBI director Comey admitted that broke the law, we live in a fundamentally unequal justice system where those at the top do not pay the price for their crimes – these are our rulers.

The people who run crime rings but cannot be stopped, these people have the power to coerce law makers, bureaucrats, and others to do their bidding. We should always remember what happened to Jeffrey Epstein. He was a criminal who was likely killed by very powerful people because of what he knew, and neither him nor the others involved will get the justice they truly deserve. Meanwhile, if you don’t pay your traffic tickets, the police will put out a warrant and arrest you, and this is justice in America. This is why we must never surrender our rights to freedom of speech, and the right to bare arms in self-defense against tyranny. The people that worked with Jeffrey Epstein want you to desperately give up your right to speak and defend yourself, then they can impose complete control over you – so do not let them.

We should take this as a lesson to move back towards local self government. Decentralize power, take it away from the powerful bureaucrats in Washington and let us run our lives and defend ourselves.

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