No Nut November

There is a phenomenon taking the internet world by storm, and it called than no nut November. What is No Nut November(NNN)? Well, that is a good question. It is a special time of the year when men (mostly) are trying to abstain from masturbation and sometimes even sex for the whole month of November. The rules around NNN can vary from group to group, but the main idea is clear: get your sexual impulses under control.

As funny as this month long movement is, it also represents a harsh reality – too many men are watching too much porn, and many are not spending enough time trying to create actual relationships, but are instead replacing those relationships with masturbation. This month-long activity (or non-activity) is a way for groups of men to push each other get away from potentially toxic habits, and be more active in the world.

With less time being spent locked inside their rooms watching porn, more young men can spend time meeting real people. Additionally, it gives young men an opportunity to explore their more constructive and creative sides. When you have the goal of abstinence, it can push you to move that energy in a more productive way, this is highly desirable for everyone.

Now, there are some mainstream media outlets that try and make this movement about “alt-right” politics, but that is just utter non-sense. More people in this time should work to discipline their sexual impulses, because it seems we have almost no control nowadays. So to all the men and women participating in No-nut November, I salute you!

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