Sheeping Millennials

There is nothing really wrong with millennials, it seems we’ve just lost our way within the system. Actually, the real problem is the system, right? It doesn’t work for us the way it used to. Or maybe the system is broken, and we are too.

Being a millennial myself, I am aware of the plight facing many within my generation. We are bogged down with student loan debt, we are investing ridiculous amounts of time into education, only to find the job market is not as rosy or guaranteed as many hoped.

Millennials are also disillusioned with consumer culture. Many of us have the basics like shelter, food, water, and internet, but are not interested in working 50 hour weeks for more stuff. However, there is no consensus on where to go – and this is a big problem.

One problem within my generation is that we are acting like a herd(thank you Nietzsche). Too many of us are trying follow the pre-grooved paths by society about how we can be “successful”, and we are looking for people to lead us into the new economy.

The herd mentality is very strong within my generation, and I believe this is why socialism is also becoming more popular. When people have a hard time getting ahead, they would rather not see the ones are living up their ideas of success.

Interestingly, Peter Thiel talked about this group-think problem as well, but in different terms. He has also emphasized the need for people to think for themselves, and writes about how difficult, yet imperative it is, if we are going to continue advancing technologically. I agree with this sentiment, especially now. With so many young people struggling to find meaningful and substantial work, we need to shed the chains of group-think and begin truly pursuing our best work.

I am not exactly sure what someones best work is, but I believe most people know what they can and should be doing. Instead of letting the spirit of creativity die while making ends meet, we need to use our energies to create the world we want to live in. To clarify, I do not meet go out and destroy the system, but we should make the best of ourselves. Unfortunately, many people are not ready or willing to accept their reality, and we must accept our reality before we can work to change it.

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