The Groypers And Immigration

There is an interesting rift developing on the right side of the political spectrum. Over the past few weeks a group of young people calling themselves “Groypers” have been attending Turning Point USA (TPUSA) events, and attempting to control the Q&A portions of the events to talk about immigration and American domestic priorities.

The Groyper movement has been led by a young conservative named Nick J. Fuentes who is being called a far-right, white supremacist, though I have not seen evidence of that myself. He is heavily against illegal immigration and mass legal immigration. I believe his stance on mass legal immigration, and his desire to prioritize America over foreign nations has pushed open a schism on the right side of the spectrum.

Many people on the right have been open to legal immigration while being against illegal immigration. However, many people are concerned with the already large number of both legal and illegal immigrants in the country. Just a few days a go, a report was released that showed there are roughly 30 million illegal immigrants in the United States. That number alone is staggering and should cause anyone to pause and think about immigration. Additionally, allowing in large amounts of legal immigrants at this time further puts downward pressure on wages of native born Americans, regardless of ethnic and racial background.

This is one of main points of the Groyper movement, from what I can gather. This movement is against mass immigration in general because it puts native born Americans in a worse economic condition. However, when the Groypers have been pressing organizations such as TPUSA about these concerns, they are being labeled as “alt-right”, and “white supremacist”. Because these derogatory labels are being used by conservatives against other conservatives, many people on the right are rightfully upset that questions about mass immigration earn you the label of “alt-right”.

As the election of 2020 continues to heat up, I believe the immigration questions will become ever more pressing. Politicians and leaders will need to address H1-B Visas and others, as well as illegal immigration. I expect the republican in-fighting to get more intense as the immigration argument resurfaces.

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