Turn Down The Political Volume

Politics really does cloud the mind. I realized last year, even with limited direct knowledge of political dealings in the united states, just listening to political was too much. I would get angry and stressed about things outside of my control, I could feel my blood pressure alter. Then I decided to do something about it. Last year I began drastically limiting my interaction with political media, outside of catching headlines and brief commentary from Twitter.

I stopped listening to the political shows, because it dragged me into a negative mental space, but also a non-thinking space. I realized when I was listening to political shows like Ben Shapiro or Scott Adams I was often substituting their thoughts for my own. I was reducing my understanding of the cultural and political landscape to competing opinions of other people.

When I realized that my mind was being hijacked, I began exclusively listening to podcasts that were comedy based and non-political. This helped decrease my stress levels substantially. Then I heard a podcast this year with Naval Ravikant where he discussed how politics negatively effects a persons ability to think, and I completely agreed with this assessment. Therefore, I have been doing my best to avoid listening to political commentary.

In order to stay informed I continue to read the Twitter headlines, and do follow certain stories. However the biggest difference is that I don’t deeply absorb this information through passive and active listening on a daily basis. I have also been listening to many books that changed and helped mold my perspective. These have aided my own analysis of political and cultural events without merely borrowing other peoples thoughts and opinions. So far stepping back from excessive political news and commentary has been a blessing, I look forward to seeing more positive physiological results.

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