Cut Off Your Nuts For The Trees!

The other day I read an article at about man who cut off his nut-sack to “save the environment”. Okay, so he did not cut off his nuts, but he got a vasectomy because he believes it will protect against global warming… I guess.

The reason this unfortunate lad went through with the procedure because he has been brain-washed to believe that there too many people in the world, and we need to decrease the population.

It is actually somewhat funny, because about ten years ago conspiracy theorists were talking about plans for depopulating the earth. At that time it was considered fringe thinking: that some group of elites, or any mainstream group for that matter, is seriously arguing for population control. Well we are certainly talking about it now. In fact, the whole environmental movement seems predicated on the idea that humans are a blight on the world and we need extricate ourselves from it in order to save our Mother Earth.

On that last point, I don’t quite get it. What is the point of protecting the Earth for other animals if it does not benefit humans? The only reason I can get behind the idea of limiting pollution, and protecting wildlife is because these systems are essential for humans to live. Since we do not understand how all of Earths natural systems could effect humanity, we would be wise to be careful with pollution. However, I differ with the crazy apocalyptic eco-terrorists in at least one respects (and I’m sure many more): I believe we can use technology to get ourselves out of the environmental mess. I believe in the power of human ingenuity, therefore I have faith that we can figure out new ways to live and create energy mean, so we all don’t have to chop off our nuts and forsake having children.

The guy advocating vasectomy’s probably didn’t want to have kids anyway, so he he engaged in a sufficient amount of mental gymnastics to justify his decision. Let’s face it: getting a vasectomy to save the planet is either is way to cover up a desire not have kids, or because you are legitimately an idiot.

As for me, I will protect my ability to have kids and procreate because I am not a lemming, and believe in the power of people to innovate.

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