Civil War 2.0

I don’t like to be pessimistic about the future. But I do have a feeling we are heading towards some type of re-vamped civil war. I see an increasing inability for people to have constructive dialogue, and many Americans have irreconcilable perspectives on what is happening and what should be done within the country.

In high-school and college I was on the speech and debate team. At that time people routinely discussed sensitive issues, such as: abortion, equal rights, war, taxes, immigration, etc… The discussions would get heated but we all understood each others viewpoints, or could grasp each others basic assumptions. However, in the current political and cultural climate, I believe much of those conversations would not go well. With terms such as patriarchy and white-male privilege being used to end shut down discussions, I am finding people increasingly unable to understand their opponents basic assumptions.

The Left is the biggest problem with our cultural environment, they control most of the cultural establishments, and their politically correct language pervades most of society. People don’t feel the need to debate ideas like white-male patriarchy, or telling kids they can be any gender. As a society we have accepted the political and cultural framing from the Left, and it has been so effective that those who believe in leftist ideology cannot even imagine someone on the other side of their talking points – a sign we’ve gone too far.

Many democrats and leftist sincerely believe America is one of the most racist, sexist, and homophobic countries on Earth. It is impossible to have a policy discussion with someone who believes your opinions are invalid because of your race and sex – it is not possible. I repeat: It is impossible to have a discussion with someone who believes your opinions are invalid because of your race and sex. For example, if I want to lower taxes, but my neighbor wants taxes to be raised, I cannot have a discussion with my neighbor about taxes if he views my opinion as inherently worthless racist because of my skin color. Simply, we will not talk, because talking means acknowledging we have something in common from which we can have a conversation.

Interestingly, another phenomenon which is driving America to another civil war is that Americans are watching “Two movies on one screen” as Scott Adams would say. This has created a situation where many people cannot agree on the same facts. Democrats and Republicans are getting contradictory facts, especially Democrats because the fake news establishment is so vast and powerful. Therefore if people from different parties could have a could get past race, sex, and sexual orientation to have a discussion, they wouldn’t even agree on the same facts.

I believe the result of our inability to converse and agree on basic facts will lead to conflict, and this conflict will be started by the Left. Democrats are already trying to get President Trump kicked out of office non-stop. If Trump wins a second term, I believe the United States will see nationwide violence and protests like we have not seen before, because the Left actually believes Donald Trump is Hitler. If regular Americans voted for “Literally Hitler” then is suffices that all Trump supporters are Nazis and can be physically assaulted for their opinions and votes. I believe whatever civil conflict we have in our future will be overcome, but I believe the United States will not look the same.

I sincerely hope this does not happen, but we march on.

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