Holiday Ruin

Now that we have passed through thanksgiving and we march towards Christmas we have a little room to deal with some bullsh*t. I am referring to the endless war on traditional American holidays. Of course I did not want to engage in cultural skirmishes while Thanksgiving was still going on, but we are now in the no-mans-land between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it is safe to say, it is time to load and prepare for battle.

I recently listened to an interesting video by Steven Crowder. In the video Crowder went to UT Austin and allowed students to question his assertion that Thanksgiving is not Racist.

In the segment there were some very revealing discussions. Almost every student mentioned that Americans need to acknowledge the “atrocities” committed by settlers against Native Americans. The students only understood colonial history as purely one-sided; with European settlers conquering and destroying Native Americans. Meanwhile they failed to understand the nuances of actual history. Yes, there were bloody battles and wars between the Natives and Europeans, but they also established trade and peace many times throughout history. Additionally, Native Americans were not innocent, it was normal for certain tribes to attack and enslave the tribes they conquered. It was clear the students did not have a firm grasp of historical facts. The students were so brain-washed they could not enjoy a holiday without trying to find something wrong with it. This is a result of the “critical” bullsh*t way of thinking that traps people into a terrible mental prison. However, this type of thinking makes sense considering one of the leftist mantras is “If you are not outraged you aren’t paying attention”; therefore, to demonstrate you are hyper-woke, you must disavow the European settlers who made temporary peace with a Native American tribe, because at some other place and time in history, other colonist killed Native Americans.

What Crowders segment ultimately revealed was the unhappiness behind people who continually view history through our modern day “oppressor” narrative. Nothing in reality is purely “good”, every person, nation, and history, is filled with great achievements and horrible deeds, but we should not disparage our history because of an event that took place, we should view our history holistically; we have to reference the time and place certain events occurred to understand our past. However, by strictly viewing history through the lens of modernity, people are perpetually outraged at events and people in the past without truly understanding context. The people who are outraged cannot be happy, they cannot enjoy a holiday because something bad happened at some place, during some time period. The people and students who fall for this type of toxic thinking are being engineered to bring down society through “uncritically” accusing all of their targets as being evil and racist. They want to destroy traditional societal pillars and leave nothing left, or nothing but the Left.

If you have not watched Steven Crowders latest Chang My Mind segment, you should; it will illuminate the youths contemporary attitude towards Thanksgiving, and it’s a foreshadowing of the cultural battles to come.

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