Gorilla Dream Review

I never had issues falling asleep and getting a sleep in the past. However, with changes to the type of work I do, and the schedules that work entails, I have fought with sleeping problems for the past year.

Because of my work, I usually go to bed in the last afternoon, around 7 pm, but would wake up at 12 am. This meant that my brain was not quite ready to turn off. Additionally, I was not getting enough sleep when I finally fell asleep, I was not sleeping long and feeling well rested. Since I was competing in Taekwon-Do competitions and working many hours I decided to take action to improve my sleep.

I started my journey with melatonin. I would take about 10 mg of melatonin every night and fall asleep pretty quickly, but I would wake up in a bit of a fog, and I was not sure I should be taking so much melatonin. Since I follow Mike Cernovich I knew he had a sleep supplement called Gorilla Dream so I gave it a shot, and it was definitely worth it.

While taking Gorilla Dream I noticed I was dreaming more( which I enjoyed), felt rested upon waking up, and best of all – I felt great every night before bed. I am not sure the last side effect was intended, but while I took Gorilla Dream I felt fantastic before sleeping. The best way to describe it was that I felt thankful, content, and in a general good mood. Maybe the mood effects are related to B-6 or GABA, I am not sure, but regardless, your life will improve when you go to sleep feeling great.

I took Gorilla Dream for about 3 months on a nightly basis, and think it was well worth it if you are having issues falling, staying asleep, or are not sleeping well. I only stopped taking Gorilla Dream because I changed my schedule to start getting more sleep, and reduced some extra stress from my work life. However, I highly recommend this supplement to someone not getting enough sleep or not getting good sleep.

This is not an advertisement; I am not receiving any compensation for this post, but I genuinely believe in this product.

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