Both Your Parents Suck

I love listening and watching podcasts. It may seem weird to the uninitiated, but I would rather watch a three hour Joe Rogan podcast than any hot movies. Another one of my favorite podcast channels on Youtube is Your Moms House (YMH); they are a comedy based channel, and the content is hilarious.

Today I was listening to one of the shows they produce called the Honey Dew. It’s about the darker times of a comedians life and career. In the episode(#50), a comedian was talking about his shitty parents, actually he focused on his shitty father. While I was listening to this comedian talk about his shitty father, I was in complete agreement at first. His dad was a criminal, alcoholic, drug user, etc. At one point the comedian even discusses how he wanted to kill his father because he beat up his mom, luckily he did not have to witness it. However, when he continued talking about his story, I realized this guys mom was also pretty damn bad.

The comedian revealed that his mom was cheating on her first husband with his shitty father. And she knew his father was a bad guy, because he was already drinking and degenerate when she met him. Then, after leaving her first husband for this comedians horrible father, she continues to date him through all his bad habits, but she decides to marry him and have two kids!

As the story continues we learn that the comedians mom finally leaves his father, and the father continues his degenerate lifestyle in and out of jail, and getting into trouble. Later we learn that his mom is a heavy drinker as well. Now, there is no excuse for someone to be a shitty father, and hit his wife (unless it’s in self-defense), but this comedian harbors all of the hate towards his father, but completely overlooks that his mom willingly cheated on her first husband (with his father), dated his father knowing his problems, had kids with him, and put them in danger as well as herself. I understand that he hates his father, but the fact that he was not critical of his mother in the slightest bothered me, because she was a heavy part of the equation. According to his story, his mother was not tricked or duped into dating his father, she was attracted to the fact he was a “bad-boy”.

With so many single mothers and kids growing up without fathers, it blows my mind that we far too often only look at one side of the parenting equation. Sometimes two people get together and make mutually terrible decisions, and sometimes one person is worth than the other, but often times no one is innocent except the kids.

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