I Finally Tried Stand Up Comedy

I wanted to try stand up comedy for years. I fondly remember getting the itch to try stand up comedy while I was still in China, at the age of 21. At that time, I had been consuming large amounts of stand up comedy, acquired a deep appreciation for the art, and loved to laugh and perform, so I figured I should give it a shot.

When I came back from China, one of the first things I told my dad was that I wanted to try stand up comedy. I remember he looked at me slightly puzzled, because it seemed like a random thing to say after not seeing your family for basically a year. But that’s how strongly I felt about trying stand up comedy.

After making the declaration to my dad, I hard a time following up. First, I got caught up in university life: hitting on girls, working out, preparing to graduate and start making some real money. Then when I graduated from my university and started working, my passion for stand up was reignited, and I began writing material, but never followed through.

Fast forward a few years, I quit my job, started multiple side businesses, and was working with my dad, and training for Taekwon-do tournaments. I had no time left over to think about trying stand up comedy, but the desire never died. Even during the most difficult times in small business life, I was listening to comedians on YouTube, and I kept wishing I could do what they do. This year and last year I almost went to an open mic multiple times, but I never pulled the trigger, as it would require me to forgo income to change my schedule. I had no idea the time had finally come.

Last month I noticed my English teaching work was beginning to decrease. Initially this resulted in me starting new projects like this blog, making more podcasts, etc. However, I realized that my opening to try stand up comedy was here. My schedule was not perfect, but it was as close as ever, so I planned on going on stage.

I started writing some material, and last week I went through the material a few times to get a feel for it. Then the moment of truth came. I wanted to chicken out and make excuses, but I didn’t. I got my ass down to the bar, signed up, and went on. It was awesome.

The best part about the experience was that I proved I could do it. After seven years of wanting to try stand up comedy, I finally got my shit together and did it. In our modern world of “keeping up with the Jones’s”, we too often forgo things we are really passionate about so that we don’t lose social status, but I believe I am finally learning to let the status fall where it may.

There are few feelings that compare to trying things you have always wanted to do, though many people never reach for the things they are passionate about. Next time you get the opportunity you want, take it, you probably won’t regret it.

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