How To Identify NPC’s

I have noticed while watching the news, and discussing issues with people in real life and online, that many people are working off of scripts. These scripts appear to be ideologically derived and incapable of handling nuances of real life issues and conversations. If you live off these scripts, you are stuck in the matrix.

It hit me the other day, while conversing with some “Twitter Philosophers” that there is a gigantic lack of nuance occurring within peoples minds, especially the radical lefties. I tend to focus on the Left because they pose an existential threat to society, but conservatives have their fair share of script followers. Recently, I observe these scripts when people bring up issues surrounding Trump. People who are ideologically possessed( as Jordan Peterson would put it), follow a predictable lines of attack, and their rebuttals are literally programmed; they simply parrot everything the mainstream media has said.

I have seen many arguments online, and talked with people who legitimately believe Trump has committed tax fraud, colluded with Russians, worked a quid-pro-quo deal with the Ukrainians, and more. These people buy hook-line-sinker into every mainstream media concoction about reality, and fail to think critically about it. They fail to realize the same main stream media that encourages us to believe Epstein killed himself, told us lies to get us into the Iraq invasion, Afghanistan invasion, Vietnam War, and more, are the same organizations reporting “Orange man bad”. I am absolutely stunned at the inability of people to think critically about this. The same ideological possession takes place when subjects like trans-rights or the patriarchy are discussed. People on and off-line have been emotionally bullied into adopting ideological positions that they do not understand. And I have finally been able to identify many of those people.

When I am talking with someone or interacting online, people give away their hands easily, and by hands I mean their scripts. In order to verify if someone is merely following a script, see how they engage in a nuanced or difficult conversation. People who are operating off scripts (NPC types) are only trying to win arguments, and they regularly fail to properly read and listen to what is actually being discussed. The typical behavior of an NPC( Non-playable character) always redirects discussion to well repeated talking points, every time, without fail. If you discuss issues about immigration, you will be either be attacked, or shown evidence that addressed points you were not making. This is because script followers are not capable of thinking on their own. If you bring up an interesting point in a discussion, a script followers goal is not to engage with that point, it tries to win, and when it cannot see an opening, it auto-defaults to a scripts which are closest to key words being used in the argument.

Typical script following NPC’s use phrases like “my body, my choice”, “… patriarchy….”, ” you don’t want immigration, because you’re racist”, “… you’re a white man, therefore you can’t say….”. There are many more phrases and words that NPC’s must adopt to signal their belonging to the NPC tribe, but you get the point. People that throw these phrases around are almost universally guaranteed to be incapable of actual thought.

When you start arguing with a script follower, you must learn to disengage. Script followers do not want to discuss ideas and discover truth; their goal is win, and they will use every script they know to accomplish this goal until you are both unreasonably upset. Therefore, when you encounter someone, a script following NPC type, caught in their ideological matrix you must either leave them alone, or try to pull them from the matrix, but you cannot engage in arguing the points they want to argue. They will remain in the matrix and you will leave pissed off.

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