Why You Should Read Mike Cernovich

The first time I heard about Mike Cernovich was on Dave Rubins show in 2016. I remember Cernovich referencing himself being on 60 minutes, and having an overall interesting interview with Rubin. After the interview I thought Cernovich was insightful, but was reluctant to follow him. At that time I was listening to people like Ben Shapiro, and did not have Twitter, which I believe is Cernovich’s preferred social media platform. However, after jumping on Twitter in 2018, my perception of Cernovich dramatically changed.

What initially caught my attention was his confrontational yet grounded style of communication. Most commentators and influencers speak with the authority of someone who has never been punched, never had to grind, never really had their asses on the line. When I began reading and watching material from Cernovich, I got the opposite vibes. He struck me as a guy who was familiar with the gritty parts of life. After learning that he was in the military, was a boxer, and spent time living in South East Asia, I knew that he was somebody familiar with real life, not a man-boy who grew up in media without any hardship. Real people engaging in real-life struggle is important for me. People can be wise without going through certain life experiences, but it is rare. But a man who has come back from mistakes demonstrates a resilience and anti-fragility that the other do not have. Therefore, when I find a person who has lived and exhibits wisdom, I pay attention.

What kept me hooked on Cernovich content was his perspective on life and philosophy. Since he has actually lived and not merely commentated, he has unique insight about navigating the contemporary world as a man. In our culture of hyper-feminized males, and wisdom-less boomers, he encourages men to lift weights, take business risks, learn about fashion, and get women. These are age-old topics, but people do not cover them anymore, and it is an absolute tragedy given the state of our culture.

If you don’t want to read about manliness, then you need to read Cernovich for his political and legal analysis. Since he went to law school and has been practicing law for years, he is able to talk about political and legal topics from an informed perspective. This is in contrast to someone like Ben Shapiro. Shapiro has a law degree but doesn’t practice law, and his legal perspective leaves a lot to be desired. In addition to analysis, Cernovich lead the recent legal charge against Epstein, and he was responsible for the internet take down of James Gunn on Twitter back in 2018, after Gunns creepy pedophile tweets were re-surfaced. Cernovich knows his stuff.

The best way to put it is this: Cernovich has skin in the game. He only gives advice that he’s lived, and he is genuinely on the front-lines of culture wars, taking real risk for his work. You will hard-pressed to find anyone else on the internet that brings what Cernovich brings to the table.

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