The Coronavirus Is Unleashed…And I’m In Asia

About a week while taking a break from work I saw an article, at first glance I did not think much of it. The articles title had something to do with some kind of illness possibly spreading from a city in China. I briefly took another glance at the article and noticed the illness had originated from a city in China called Wuhan. Wuhan is located near the Central-Eastern region of China, in a province called Hubei. I have never visited Wuhan, but while living in Chengdu I met several foreigners who had studied in Wuhan before arriving in Chengdu, they all had very good things to say about Wuhan. This time the news about Wuhan was not so positive.

After reading the article about a small and unknown illness allegedly originating from a seafood market in Wuhan, I had basically forgotten about it. A couple days later “Twitter World” started chirping more frequently about this mysterious illness, I started to pay a more attention, but was not very alert. Fast forward one week, and the situation has drastically changed.

Since first reading about the virus, news has come out that is a “novel coronavirus” which I believe means this form of the coronavirus is new, but this type of virus is known and somewhat common. Some research on the coronavirus revealed that it shows symptoms like the flu, but this outbreak appears to be more dangerous. This virus went from being reported as something minor the first week, to reporting that 17 people have died since being infected, and there are several hundred people infected with the virus within China. In fact, the situation has escalated so quickly in China, the entire city of Wuhan is being reportedly locked down. Eleven million people are not allowed to leave the city as the government is closing down roads, plane, and train travel out of the city. There are reports of the virus in Japan, Thailand, The United States, and Taiwan.

While this outbreak is occurring I cannot help but wonder whether or not Taiwan will be able to control the few cases they have found. Since Taiwan is a small country, and the people seem culturally cohesive, with access to advanced medicine, I have faith they can take care of it. However, since East Asia is center of this viral outbreak, I am not in an ideal location.

As the Lunar New Year comes, I hope the authorities can manage this situation. We will learn more in the coming days.

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