The Coronavirus And Censorship

It has been established that the Chinese communist government attempted to cover-up the initial coronavirus outbreak. Sources show that at least eight doctors were jailed at the beginning of the outbreak for spreading “rumors” about the virus. One of the doctors, Li Wen Liang who died of the virus, is now famous for his attempts to warn the Chinese people about the outbreak while the government punished him. Chinese citizens report that people are being approached and threatened by the government for releasing information and footage about the outbreak. Many people on the biggest social media app in China, Wechat, are not comfortable openly discussing the virus because of potential legal ramifications. People are locked up in their homes with little information and the watchful eye of the communist party making sure they do not say the “wrong” or right thing. This is the environment Radical Leftists want for America.

Since the election of Donald Trump, left-wing media sites like CNN and MSNBC have openly pushed for websites like Twitter and Facebook to take down posts that publish “fake news”. The Left viciously attacks any non-Leftist website such as the Daily Wire, Steven Crowder, Prison Planet, Mike Ceronvich, and others. Companies like CNN want these non-Leftist posts taken off the platforms because they think their points of view are “fake”, dangerous and “triggering”. However, the SJW censorship brigade has ignored why censorship is so dangerous, and the coronavirus outbreak in China is a textbook example of the dangers of censorship.

When ideas, dialogue, and news is blocked because it is “fake” people fail to ask how it is fake. According to who is news fake or real? Who determines what other people should be able to analyse and determine as real? When “elites” decide what is “fake” they take away peoples ability to read and decipher facts and information for themselves. Sometimes the elites that determine a news’ “fake-ness” have benevolent intentions. Maybe they do not want unnecessary conflict to arise from a “fake” story. However when the elites get it wrong, it could be a death sentences for thousands of people. This is what we are seeing unfold in China.

Initially the Chinese communist government elites decided the population should not know about the Covid-19 virus outbreak. Maybe they thought it would blow over. It is possible they did not want to cause panic, and since they did not know how bad the virus would be, there was no reason to panic anyway. This meant they were going to stop information flow about the virus. The Party was throwing doctors in jail and probably censoring Wechat conversations over the virus. However, as the virus began running out of control and the medical system became overwhelmed, they had to sound the alarm. After waiting so long to inform the public, thousands have died and tens of thousands are infected. Meanwhile tens of millions are locked up in their homes across the country, because god forbid “rumors” and “fake news” cause panic or distrust of the government. This is what the radicals in the United States want. They want you to die.

They want to you to be unable to speak if your opinions are “dangerous”. They want you kicked off platforms for saying things that “trigger” randos on the internet. They want your family to suffer and starve because you are not espousing politically correct dogma. This is what the Chinese Communist Party wants, and this is what the Social Justice Warriors in America want. They want to hold the keys to speech so they can shut down people, even if the people they are shutting down are warning of immanent disaster. The radical left would rather you die than risk your opinion “triggering” one of their “allies”.

We should let the disaster unfolding in China be a reminder of the dangers of censorship, and stop infantilizing the public otherwise we risk blindly walking into disaster.

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