Debunking The Origin Of The Coronavirus

When the CCP Virus began spreading in January, people across the internet pointed out the existence of a virology lab in Wuhan, China. There were videos and pictures pinpointing a lab in china using publicly available data, and people were raising the possibility that the virus originally came from a lab and not a wet market. In addition to “internet investigators”, Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas was shown in a viral video noting the existence of a bio-safety, level-four lab, in Wuhan that should be investigated. In the video Senator Cotton alleges that Chinese scientist work on many deadly viruses, including coronavirus.

After Senator Cotton made the claim back in January, news outlets around the world began “debunking” the Senator, and anyone else who questioned the origin of the virus.

shown above is a headline from Business Insider(BI). The BI article asserts that Senator Cottons CCP Virus claims were “debunked”. BI also conflates Senator Cottons statements about the bio-safety lab with the “bio-weapon” theory. Therefore when Senator Cotton said we should investigate the bio-safety lab, the mainstream media made the statements about “bio-weapons” instead. According to the BI’s own article, Senator Cotton never mentions “bio-weapon”, see the screenshot below.

In addition to Business Insider running cover stories for China, The Financial Times and Science Magazine did the same. The Financial Times ran an article stating “Coronavirus was not genetically engineered in Wuhan lab”. Once again, a large media platform deflected questions away from the origin of the virus to whether or not it was genetically modified. This trick has been constantly used to discredit people who question the origin of the virus. When people ask questions about the Wuhan bio-safety lab or China CDC lab, attention is deflected to genetic engineering. Since “experts show” the virus was not “genetically engineered”, the claim that the virus was natural occurring, but may have been accidentally leaked from a lab is usually disregarded as well.

Below is an article from Science Magazine debunking “rumors” about the origin of the virus.

This is a quote form the article –

“A group of 27 prominent public health scientists from outside China is pushing back against a steady stream of stories and even a scientific paper suggesting a laboratory in Wuhan, China, may be the origin of the outbreak of COVID-19″

The vast majority of articles discrediting the leaked virus theory came out from January through March. However, since the medias initial campaign to debunk the leaked virus theory, a different story has begun to emerge. Remember earlier how Business Insider “debunked” Senator Cottons theory about the virus origin? Two months later, they are running headlines speculating the virus may have come from a lab.

It only took two months for Business Insider to essentially reverse their initial stance that the virus was not leaked from a lab. Here is another article from the Washington Post, they discuss how the virus could have accidentally been leaked.

It is astonishing how media convinced millions of people the virus could not have been leaked from a lab, only to reverse course months later. I have seen many arguments breakout between friends on social media over the origins of the virus. Most arguments were fueled by naive trust in media to convey truth. This blind trust in media has been substituted for critical thinking. The CCP Virus is tricky and hard to understand, and you cannot trust mainstream media to help you. They will be months behind the curve, just as were for telling people to wear masks. To stay ahead of the CCP Virus, read, think critically, and trust your instincts.

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