Anne Franks White Guilt

Let’s talk about white privilege. The modern day, radical-Left, woke types believe that “White people” are responsible for all ills in this world. It’s been accepted among the woke class, that white people invented capitalism, science, math, and many other “constructions” to oppress people of color.

Without addressing the obviously absurd claims that “White people” invented all systems of oppression, what are the implications of blaming “White people” for all of types of oppression? It is quite simple: innocent people, who have done nothing wrong will be harassed, attacked, and killed.

Imagine if a man named John killed an innocent person in your neighborhood. Then as a result, every person who was named John, regardless of their affiliation with the killer faced punishment. Let’s push this idea a little further: every person born with the name John in the future must also face punishment. This is what “anti-racists” want when they talk about how “White people” must “sit down and listen”, or how “white people” must repent for the “original sin” of slavery. They are picking an arbitrary metric, such as skin pigmentation and asserting that since there was a bad person a few hundred years ago, who had a similar skin pigmentation as you, you are now guilty of of their crimes. This is nothing more than collective punishment.

Without knowing the true motives of the people pushing this backwards way of thinking, its logical conclusion is to punish all people who can fit into the category of “White”. It doesn’t matter if your family members were Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Soviet Union, or Jews fleeing Nazi Germany, if your skin is “White”, you are guilty and must be punished. The modern-day woke would have persecuted Anne Frank for her white privilege.